OnionMath Logotype Redesign

In order to express our professional and funny brand value, we redesigned our logotype. Base on Fangzheng Hei font, I add the rounded corner effect, and simplifies most of the structure. 这是全新的洋葱数学中文字标设计,为了表达我们专业且风趣的品牌价值,我们对原有的字标进行了重新设计。在基础的黑体上,融入了圆角,且简化了大部分结构,更具字标的独特性。

“Hack World” Event Illustration
“极客挑战赛” 活动插画

This illustration is used for Posters, T-shirt and other related materials.Mainly around the geeks, activities, happy these keywords to start, it looks like a kind of avant-garde, unique, unique feeling, so as to meet the theme. 这个插画被用于海报以及短袖等相关物料。主要围绕着极客、活动、欢乐这几个关键词展开,看起来会有种前卫、与众不同、独特的感觉,从而迎合主题。

TOYJOY Brand Design

I reposition companies for their competitive advantage in the marketplace and to lead consumers toward new toy market outlook.Enhance the interaction between the consumer contact. 通过多彩的设计,让这个品牌充满活力,通过有趣的线条让整个品牌更为鲜活,并加强品牌本身与消费者情感的互动联系。

Icons on Watercolor Style

Watercolor painting is a beautiful form of expression, what I did was to explore watercolor and our common Icon combination. 水彩是一种很漂亮的视觉表现形式,我在做一部分项目中会使用到这种形式。这些图标的水彩设计即是我利用水彩的方式进行的设计探索,统一且视觉冲击力强。