Icons for OnionMath Communication (2D)
洋葱数学运营辅助图标 (2D化)

This set of icons is what I paint for the “practice field” feature in OnionMath App, that are very similar to the popular ladder system in games. With a total of 6 levels, each designed with 6 different weapons. The higher the level of the icon, the impact of the stronger the icon. I used some of the modular features in Adobe Illustrator that make makes every icon exactly the same angle.
这套图标是我为洋葱数学应用中的“试炼场”功能绘制,它们和当下游戏中流行的天梯系统很相似,一共有6个级别,分别使用了6种不同武器进行设计。等级越高的图标,图标冲击力越强,细节也越多。我使用了Adobe Illustrator中的一些模块化功能,它使每一个图标的视角完全相同。